Standing Up for Children

Online child abuse prevention training

The abuse prevention training course “Standing up for Children: A Christian Response to Child Abuse and Neglect” was produced by Freedom for the Captives, a WELS ministry. The mission of Freedom for the Captives is “Equipping the Body of Christ to protect children and empower abuse survivors.”

Participants who watch all four videos and pass quizzes on the content will receive a certificate of completion. Veterans of similar training have called this course “excellent.”
For a conference, faculty in-service, or other group, the videos can be shown to everyone at once, then each attendee would receive the “key” to take the online quizzes.

The training must be accessed with an enrollment key. The enrollment key and instructions for the course will be provided after your online registration is accepted. You can fill out the online learning registration form found at

When churches and schools start conversations about abuse, it is not uncommon for Christians who have suffered abuse to seek help. Congregations and schools will find guidance on abuse prevention policies and other important topics.

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