Messages that comfort and inspire

Man facing mountains

Jesus Walks with You through the Dark Valleys

“…the LORD was with [Joseph].” – Genesis 39:3 Abuse destroys lives: physically, psychologically, emotionally. Sometimes abuse kills. This is why ...
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The wicked harm the weak

The Wicked Harm the Weak

I wish for one day I would open up the newspaper and there would be nothing to report. No violence ...
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Turning the corner

Turning the Corner

In verse 12 the Psalmist begins to turn the corner and have some hope. Up to this moment he has ...
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God sees me

God Sees Me

The writer began this Psalm by saying, “Lord, why do you stand far off? Why do you hide yourself in ...
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Fall into Jesus Arms

I Can Fall Into His Arms

Now comes the really hard part. In fact, it is so hard only the Holy Spirit can make this happen ...
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Lord break their arm

Lord, Break Their Arm

The Psalmist doesn’t seem very Christian in this verse, does he? I thought Jesus said we are to turn the ...
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Walking in Peace

Walking in Peace

The Psalmist has come a long way from where he began his prayer. He began crying out to God in ...
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