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Responding to the spiritual impact

Responding to the Spiritual Impact of Child Abuse

Although most people are aware of the physical and emotional toll of child abuse, many do not appreciate the spiritual impact of abusing children. According to 34 major studies involving ...
Speaking with Survivors has Changed my Life

Speaking with Survivors Has Changed My Life

4 Positive Reasons to Talk about Abuse As I think about you, the reader, I imagine that you are probably one of two people. Either you are a survivor of ...
If God is good

If God is Good Then Where Did Evil Come From

I want you to trust every word of the Bible . . . . . . even from the very first page. I believe the main objection to Christianity is ...
100 Percent of People are Affected by Abuse

100 Percent of People are Affected by Abuse

How you can help protect children and support survivors. Some statistics are so staggering you just can’t un-see them. That’s how I felt at a conference two years ago on ...