I Can Fall Into His Arms


Fall into Jesus Arms

Two minutes of silence

Psalm 10:14b

The victims commit themselves to you;
you are the helper of the fatherless.

Now comes the really hard part. In fact, it is so hard only the Holy Spirit can make this happen. Now, the Psalmist calls on all victims to commit themselves to the Lord as their helper. It is hard and impossible to do this on our own because our reason and emotions are telling us, “How can I commit myself to the Lord? He seems to have been absent in the past?” But the Psalmist, who was also a victim of abuse, has taken the first step, and he encourages us all to follow him.

Committing ourselves to the Lord is like participating in a “trust fall”. Have you ever done one of those team building exercises where you just fall back and trust that the person behind you will catch you? That is what the Psalmist is encouraging us to do. Just fall back into the arms of a loving and powerful God. Because Jesus died for you, you are a child of God and your heavenly Father is behind you to catch you.

What does feel like to fall in the arms of your heavenly Father? You feel safe and loved. You feel clean and forgiven. You feel like it is good that you exist. You feel like you have a reason to live today.


Father in Heaven, I’m scared to trust you. I’m afraid that if I fall back into your arms you won’t be there. Lord Jesus, wash away my doubt. Holy Spirit fill up my heart with a new faith. Amen.

Two minutes of silence

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