Lord, Break Their Arm


Lord break their arm

Two minutes of silence

Psalm 10:15

15 Break the arm of the wicked man;
call the evildoer to account for his wickedness
that would not otherwise be found out.

The Psalmist doesn’t seem very Christian in this verse, does he? I thought Jesus said we are to turn the other cheek? I thought we were supposed to forgive and forget? Well, the only way I can “turn the other cheek” and let go of my anger is by knowing that God will right every wrong. The reason I don’t need to drink the poison of envy and hatred and bitterness is because God is in charge and he will judge all wickedness.

In a strange way, hell is a very comforting teaching in the Bible. God hates wickedness so much that he created hell so that the devil and all his angels would suffer eternally. But also, if the wicked don’t repent and plead to the Almighty God that their wickedness be forgiven for Jesus’ sake, they will have to spend eternity paying for their wrongs as well.

We know God takes wickedness seriously. Just look at what Jesus went through on the cross. Jesus suffered hell so that you would never have to. May the Lord lead you to leave all of the injustice in your life in his capable and just hands.


Almighty God, I get so angry with those who have hurt me. I want them to feel the pain that I have felt. I want to get my revenge. Forgive me Jesus. I hand over all the wicked to you. You are their judge. I don’t need to carry that burden any longer. Now give me your joy and peace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Two minutes of silence

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