Information to Know When Seeking Counseling

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Info to Know When Seeking Counseling

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Informational brochures for dealing with mental health issues:

  • Ask a Therapist Brochure This brochure gives you important questions to ask counselors when you seek counseling and don’t have access to WELS counselors.
  • Christian or Non-Christian Brochure This brochure outlines potential concerns when a counselor is not a Christian, or is a Christian but not of your faith.
  • Mental Health Issues Brochure This brochure will guide you when you believe you might need counseling for mental health issues.
  • Therapy Models Brochure This brochure helps you sort out psychological terms and distinguish between different counseling processes.
  • When to Refer Brochure This brochure is written to help pastors determine when a member is in need of other forms of counseling in addition to the spiritual counseling he offers.

Check out our own Freedom for the Captives list of counselors.

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