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Becoming a Safe Church for Kids

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10 steps to becoming a safer church for kids
Step Two: Create Urgency

Step Three: Know Your Volunteers

The church must surround the children in its care with people who are safe and loving. Why, then, do so many churches fail to properly vet those who work with them?
Step Two: Create Urgency

Step Two: Create Urgency

People in the congregation must first understand the statistics and results of child abuse to feel compelled to do something about it.
Step One: Form a Child Safety Committee

Step One: Form a Child Safety Committee

The work of ensuring children are safe in religious settings is not something that can fall on one person’s shoulders.
Suffer the Children

Developing Effective Church Policies on Child Maltreatment

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Used with permission, this article by Victor Vieth from Jacob’s Hope reviews the ten stages of developing an effective child safety policy.