Man facing mountains

Jesus Walks with You through the Dark Valleys

“…the LORD was with [Joseph].” – Genesis 39:3 Abuse destroys lives: physically, psychologically, emotionally. Sometimes abuse kills. This is why we fight back. We pray, of course, but we also report physical, sexual, and emotional…
Forget Me Not Flowers

God Remembers You

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“…the LORD gave [Joseph] success in everything...” – Genesis 39:3 “It could be worse.” “It’s darkest before the dawn.” “Something good must come from this.” You’ve heard these. They’re meant well.…
Abuse even happens to good people

Abuse Happens Even to “Good” People

“Now Joseph had been taken down to Egypt.” – Genesis 39:1 If you didn’t know better, you’d make nothing of Genesis 39:1. It sounds harmless. Far from it. Joseph’s been sold into slavery, a horrific trauma. His brothers…