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Deep As The Sea

Deep as the Sea: Letters to Survivors of Trauma by Timothy C. Bourman is written for the survivor of trauma. Survivors of sexual assault, as well as childhood abuse, natural disasters, veterans with PTSD, survivors of a mass shooting, or horrific accident – all will find healing and help in these pages.


Talking Jesus With A Survivor

Child abuse does not only affect a child’s body and emotional health. It touches their spiritual health, too. A child who was abused may have difficulty believing in a loving God. They may believe that they have some intrinsic quality that means God cannot care for them. Sometimes this comes as a direct result of hearing ugly words from the abuser. Other times, it comes from the child’s internal thoughts.


Working with Law Enforcement: The Investigation and Your Child

At some level we all realize that investigations in real life take longer than they do on television. Yet, parents are often surprised and overwhelmed by the process of investigating the crime. Law enforcement protocols vary based on state law and availability of services. What follows are some of the things that could happen during an investigation.


Working With Law Enforcement: Getting Started

Some abuse is only discovered when a child talks to his or her parent about what happened. Hearing this in your child’s voice is heartbreaking and stirs up many emotions. It may be hard to believe, especially if the perpetrator is known to you. 


Misbeliefs: I’m All Alone

Many survivors of childhood abuse report feelings of being alone in the world, that no one can understand them. These feelings are deeply rooted in the abuse, where the perpetrator methodically created a private space of, “Don’t tell.” They come from feelings of shame survivors experience, making them unwilling to disclose their abuse.


Misbeliefs: It’s My Fault

Survivors of trauma, whether childhood abuse, sexual assault, or domestic abuse, share a belief that the abuse was their fault. A person abused as a child may believe they were not loveable enough, or they could have stopped the abuse. Children who are sexually abused by a caregiver believe that they acted in a way that made the perpetrator want to have sex with them.


Coping with Flashbacks

People who have experienced trauma may experience flashbacks in their everyday lives. Flashbacks can be intense and bring back the emotions and senses experienced during the trauma. These memories are felt as if they are currently happening, rather than something that occurred in the past.


What Is A Trigger?

Experiencing a sudden onset of the feelings and emotions that you felt during an abusive situation is a common experience for survivors. This is because the brain records and stores traumatic memories differently from non-traumatic ones. Trauma floods the body with hormones that turn off certain parts of the brain and make other parts go into overdrive.


Responding to the Spiritual Impact of Child Abuse

Although most people are aware of the physical and emotional toll of child abuse, many do not appreciate the spiritual impact of abusing children. According to 34 major studies involving more than 19,000 abused children, a majority of them were impacted spiritually as a result of maltreatment. In some cases, this happens when an offender […]


Jesus Walks with You through the Dark Valleys

“…the LORD was with [Joseph].” – Genesis 39:3 Abuse destroys lives: physically, psychologically, emotionally. Sometimes abuse kills. This is why we fight back. We pray, of course, but we also report physical, sexual, and emotional abuse as the crime it is. And yet, Christians survive abuse. Martin Luther looked at Joseph and appealed to a […]

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God Remembers You

“…the LORD gave [Joseph] success in everything…” – Genesis 39:3 “It could be worse.” “It’s darkest before the dawn.” “Something good must come from this.” You’ve heard these. They’re meant well. They prove that we don’t process trauma well. Sometimes silence is best, right? If someone just sat with us until things got better. But […]


Abuse Happens Even to “Good” People

“Now Joseph had been taken down to Egypt.” – Genesis 39:1 If you didn’t know better, you’d make nothing of Genesis 39:1. It sounds harmless. Far from it. Joseph’s been sold into slavery, a horrific trauma. His brothers did this. They roughed him up, stole his clothes, threw him into a cistern, and debated whether […]